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Night guards are a specialized dental appliance we provide at our office, offering a practical solution for patients experiencing bruxism, commonly known as teeth grinding. This custom-fitted device is designed to be worn over the teeth during sleep, protecting them from the damaging effects of grinding and clenching. Not only do night guards prevent wear and tear on your teeth, but they also help alleviate jaw pain and other symptoms associated with bruxism.

Understanding Night Guards

Night guards are made from durable, yet comfortable, materials that form a protective barrier between your upper and lower teeth. By absorbing and dispersing the force of biting, they prevent direct tooth-to-tooth contact, reducing the risk of dental damage, such as chips, fractures and enamel wear. Furthermore, night guards can contribute to better sleep patterns by minimizing the discomfort caused by clenching and grinding.

The Night Guard Fitting Process

  • Initial Consultation: We assess your symptoms and determine if a night guard is suitable for you.
  • Custom Impression: A detailed impression of your teeth is taken to ensure your night guard fits perfectly.
  • Manufacturing: Your custom night guard is crafted using high-quality materials tailored to your specific dental anatomy.
  • Fitting Appointment: We ensure your night guard fits correctly, making any necessary adjustments for comfort and effectiveness.

Benefits of Wearing a Night Guard

  • Protects teeth from wear, chips and fractures
  • Alleviates jaw pain and discomfort associated with bruxism
  • Promotes better sleep by reducing teeth grinding
  • Custom fit ensures comfort and minimal impact on sleep quality

Protect Your Smile While You Sleep

If you are experiencing symptoms of bruxism, such as jaw pain, headaches or noticed wear on your teeth, a night guard in Gambrills, Maryland, might be the solution you need. Our dentists and team at Waugh Chapel Dental are here to provide you with a custom-fitted night guard that not only protects your teeth but also improves your overall sleep quality. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Robert Daly or Dr. Poorna Phaltankar today at 410-451-9600 to discuss how a night guard can benefit you.

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